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Neural Canvas is a web service that makes it easy to create and mint artworks from a text prompt.

Generate visual concepts and digital artworks from a text prompt!

Our AI powered digital art generator allows anyone to create unique images in seconds, while storing them in the blockchain!

Neural Canvas is a digital artwork generator service able to generate unique artworks, visual concepts, illustrations, concept design, and more! All of your creations will be stored in the blockchain and you will be able to display your NFTs and see them on your digital wallet.

Instant Artworks

Generate unique Digital Artworks stored in the Blockchain from a simple text prompt thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

artificial intelligence

Creative AI

Our text to image algorithm is able to generate HD images from a text prompt in seconds.

AI Generated Images

From your text prompt AI generates digital creative assets.

Blockchain Ownership

Every creative asset is instantly minted and securely stored in the blockchain as a non fungible token.

Neural Canvas is designed to support creative needs!



A complete creative tool for designers.Instead of spending time in designing concepts manually, for each of your projects, you can create dozens of them in a few minutes using our platform.



Research and drawings for digital art is one of the longest and most complex activities of being an artist.Neural Canvas helps you with a generation system that creates high definition digital artworks NFTs in seconds.



Illustrators have dreamed for this software for years.It is the ultimate creative illustration tool and infinitely better than anything else available. It allows at an incredible speed to generate new stories and illustrations.



Neural Canvas can be used to generate and display thousands of unique artworks! This product is using Neural Canvas software and it is a must have to showcase in your exhibitions!



This platform can change the way teachers prepare and deliver their lectures as they could use our technology to make more personalised contents, and to deliver lectures in a more interactive way.This can have a positive impact at scale since students will be more engaged.

Neural Canvas helps design teams to quickly generate high quality design concepts, for faster brainstorming and prototyping. It can be used both to generate new images and to improve your existing visual assets.To use it you just need to know what you want to visualise and you can write a few lines of the concept, which will be used by the system to generate your visual content, saving hours of research and design time.

In most companies, creating quality design concepts is a team effort.Neural Canvas allows design teams to truly work together and allows anyone on the team to work on optimizing the generated asset in a simple and intuitive way.Here is the new frontier for those who manage design and illustrations!

What can Neural Canvas do for you?


Artistic Filters

Artistic filters can be applied to generate an image using different shapes, colours, textures and styles!



Every creation is securely stored in the blockchain so that you can trade your generated creatives on any NFT marketplace!


Design Concepts

Generate dozens of unique design concepts from a simple text prompt!

Our Team

"Today, less than 1% of online content is generated using AI. Within the next ten years, we predict that at least 50% of online content will be generated by or augmented by AI."
We are giving to people and businesses the freedom of expressing their creativity with Artificial Intelligence, while securely storing their creations on the Blockchain.

Saverio Pulizzi, CEO

Saverio Pulizzi,

Former Facebook employee, AI Expert, Data Scientist and strategic tech Advisor to governments and companies.

Alessandro Ercolani, CTO

Alessandro Ercolani,

Full stack Software Engineer, former Expert for the Minister of Innovation, worked across different public and private organisations.

Jacob Franek, Advisor

Jacob Franek,

Web 3 Expert, core contributor at Alliance DAO.

Service Subscription

You can also subscribe to our service and start using our web app straight away!



  1. 1 dedicated generator server

  2. 7 artworks x day

  3. 200 minutes of max generation waiting time

  4. Artistic filters

  5. High definition images

  6. Store creations in the blockchain

  7. Dedicated support

(yearly subscription)



  1. 1 dedicated generator server

  2. 72 artworks x day

  3. 20 minutes of max generation waiting time

  4. Artistic filters

  5. High definition images

  6. Store creations in the blockchain

  7. Dedicated support

(yearly subscription)



  1. 1 dedicated generator server

  2. 720 artworks x day

  3. 2 minutes of max generation waiting time

  4. Artistic filters

  5. High definition images

  6. Store creations in the blockchain

  7. Dedicated support

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